Merve Alanyali is a PhD candidate at Warwick Business School. Her work focuses on analysing large open data sources with concepts from image processing and machine learning to understand and predict human behaviour at a global scale.

In 2013, Alanyali with Tobias Preis and Helen Susannah Moat used Financial Times data to quantify the relationship between financial news and the stock market. Her work has been featured by television and press worldwide including coverage in Financial Times and Bloomberg Business.

Alanyali is currently a holder of Chancellor’s International Scholarship at University of Warwick. She was awarded a double degree in Complex Systems Science MSc programme by University of Warwick and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and draws on an interdisciplinary background in computer science, complex systems and behavioural science. She serves as a reviewer for PLOS ONE.

More information can be found on her personal website: